New VOTable 1.4 WD (2019-03-18)

Tom Donaldson tdonaldson at
Fri Mar 22 21:46:56 CET 2019

Thanks for the review, Mark.  I’ve added these as proposed changes to the notes on .  Assuming there are no objections, I'll make the edits soon in volute, and they'll make it into the next version we publish.


On 3/22/19, 2:38 PM, "Mark Taylor" <M.B.Taylor at> wrote:

    a few very minor things I've spotted this time round.
    I don't think they warrant a new WD, but you could make the edits or
    make a note of them for next time the document gets updated.
    Sec 3:
       "documents may include schemaLocation attribute" 
        -> "documents may include the schemaLocation attribute"
       (or "a" or "some" ...)
    Sec 3.5:
       "A \elem{TIMESYS} element referenced via a ref attribute MUST..."
       -> "A \elem{TIMESYS} element referenced via a \attr{ref} attribute MUST..."?
    Sec 4.1, item concerning the ref attribute:
       "(reference to the GROUP attribute which specifies the coordinate frame)"
       -> "(reference to the COOSYS attribute which specifies the coordinate frame)"
    Sec 5:
           <INFO name="HISTORY">
           The very first Virtual Telescope observation made in 2002
        I've just noticed this is not legal - the value attribute
        (optional at VOTable 1.0 but mandatory since VOTable 1.1)
        is missing.  It should read:
           <INFO name="HISTORY"
                 value="The very first Virtual Telescope observation made in 2002"/>
        But that mistake has been there for a long time, so you may choose
        not to make the edit this time round.
    Also, probably the "STC" reference in figure 1 should be removed now.
    Can't remember if I mentioned it before; if the problem is that
    it's too hard to edit the PDF graphic, fair enough, forget I said it.
    On Wed, 20 Mar 2019, Tom Donaldson wrote:
    > Hi All,
    > There is new working draft for VOTable 1.4 available for review at:
    > There is a chance this is the last WD we will have for 1.4, so please review it soon so that corrections can be incorporated well before the Interop meeting.  I will collect suggestions on the wiki, which also tracks the changes made so far and proposals for the next VOTable version (likely 1.5):
    > From the wiki page above, here is the summary of changes for this working draft:
    > - Miscellaneous cleanup edits. (see )
    > - Remove unused namespace declarations from examples. (see )
    > - Make footnotes visible in HTML (already correct in PDF)  (see )
    > - Require "ref" for uses of TIMESYS (see )
    > Regards,
    > Tom
    Mark Taylor   Astronomical Programmer   Physics, Bristol University, UK
    m.b.taylor at +44-117-9288776

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