New VOTable 1.4 draft

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Thu Mar 7 00:50:12 CET 2019


a few more niggles for you.

 - Example VOTable in Section 3.1: 
   remove the namespace declaration


   since it's not doing anything.

 - Example VOTable in Section 3.5:
   remove the two namespace declarations


   since they're not doing anything

(I mentioned the in my comments on the previous draft at,
but I think they got overlooked).

 - Front matter: 
   The document date has not been updated, so the current
   (20190218) WD still says it's 2019-01-31 on the title page
   (this foxed me for a while).

 - Line 911 in the LaTeX source of votable.tex is overlong - would be
   nice to break it to similar length to the other lines in the document.

 - Bibliography entry [7]:
   in "\noindent [7] {it XML Schema Versioning Policies}":
   "it" should read "\it".

 - Bibliography: entry [8]:
   the URL ""
   should be replaced by a reference to the landing page rather than the
   PDF, as for the other IVOA documents referenced.
   "" would do, or a versioned 
   landing page if you prefer.


On Thu, 21 Feb 2019, Tom Donaldson wrote:

> Dear VOTable Enthusiasts,
> A new working draft of VOTable 1.4 is available for review at .
> I've created a wiki page to summarize the discussions and changes for the working draft:
> Please see that page for a list of open discussion items and a list of the changes in this new draft.
> I'm particularly interested in feedback on:
> 1)  Any mistakes in the latest updates.
> 2)  The reworking of section 3 which were intended to clarify versioning in namespaces and schemas as well as the distinction between the two.
> 3)  Any of the active proposed changes.  I plan to release the next draft within 2 weeks.
> Thanks for your feedback,
> Tom

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