TAP-1.1 PR is now available

Mark Taylor m.b.taylor at bristol.ac.uk
Fri Sep 8 13:04:11 CEST 2017

A couple more comments on PR-TAP-1.1-2017-08-30:

First, in section 4.3 the indexed, principal and std columns have
now been changed to integer rather than boolean values following
my earlier comments - thanks.  However, the text does not explain
how these integers are to be interpreted as flags.  Somewhere it
should make explicit that these columns must have values 1/0 to
indicate true/false.

Second, I already commented on TAP-1.1-20170707-WD:

On Wed, 19 Jul 2017, Mark Taylor wrote:

> Reference style:
>    The text has quite a few references like "As required by
>    (Dowler and Demleitner et al., 2013)".  It would be a bit more
>    readable to see "As required by DALI 1.0" (possibly followed by
>    a reference).  I'm not sure if that's something that can be
>    handled at that ivoatex level?  Anyway not essential.

and I don't think these have been changed.  To the extent that's
a stylistic decision, fair enough.

However in some cases this is more than an annoyance.
For instance at the start of Section 3 of the PR:

   "The (Ochsenbein and Williams et al., 2013) format is the standard
    format for output (query results) and input (table upload) ..."

is more difficult to understand than

   "The VOTable format is the standard format ..."

but it also seems to suggest that version 1.3 of the VOTable standard
is mandated.  I don't think that's intended - is it?
There are some other places in the text where similar comments apply.


On Fri, 1 Sep 2017, Marco Molinaro wrote:

> Dear all,
> this is to inform you that the
> TAP-1.1 Proposed Recommendation
> has been uploaded on the IVOA
> Documents repository, see
> http://www.ivoa.net/documents/TAP/20170830/
> Please review and comment it (or continue to do so)
> in view of the RFC period that should start in the
> second half of September.
> Cheers,
>      François, Marco, Pat

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