PR-TAP-1.1 - Some comments

Mark Taylor m.b.taylor at
Fri Sep 8 13:19:52 CEST 2017

On Thu, 7 Sep 2017, Grégory Mantelet wrote:

> I have few comments about TAP 1.1, PR-2017-08-30.
> ...
>     - Section 2.5-/tables:
>         Still about VODataService-1.1, I wondered whether it would interesting
>         to briefly speak about the details levels described in
> VODataService-1.1
>         (about the table metadata discovery). I know it is written in
>         (Plante and Stébé et al., 2010), but since it is a very interesting
>         feature for TAP services with a large table set, I think it would
> worth
>         briefly mentioning it.

I agree with this comment that it would be a good idea to draw
attention here to the possibilities of optionally restricted
levels of detail from the /tables endpoint.  However, I think
the relevant reference is [sec 3.3 of] VOSI 1.1 (GWS-WG, 2017),
and not VODataService 1.1 (Plante and Stébé et al., 2010)
(unless I've misunderstood Grégory's point?)

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