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Thu May 10 05:16:42 PDT 2007

Hi Inaki,

OK, it's therefore just for the region syntax (not the query), sorry
for the misunderstanding. 

But I still don't see how you would write with regions how, for instance,
you would write a search for tuples with overlapping error ellipses.
I mean assuming 2 tables having the same schema (lon, lat, lon_err, lat_err)
you could with the REGION syntax write the condition to get the
tuples with overlapping regions ? 

For circles (i.e. assuming that lon_err is always identical to lat_err 
on both tables, and I call them just "pos_err"), the predicate

    fDistanceLonLat(t1.lon,, t2.lon, < (t1.pos_err + t2.pos_err)

locates all tuples with overlapping error circles. How would you write
this condition with the REGION syntax ? 

Cheers, francois

>Hi Francois
>What I was proposing was to use the BNF I was describing in the email
>before, which I believe is consistent with what Alex was suggesting,
>plus the specific syntax of the REGION following the specification of
>the footprint service. Therefore my suggestion would be like this:
><predicate> ::= <comparison_predicate>| <between_predicate> |
><in_predicate> | <like_predicate> | <null_predicate>
>| <exists_predicate> | <region_predicate>
><region_predicate> ::=
>[ <comma> <column_reference> [ { <comma> <column_reference> }... ] ]
><region_verbs> ::= INTERSECTS | CONTAINS ...
> ::= !! 'Footprint Service'-like syntax, e.g. RECT LATLON 37 -109.55  41 -102.05

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