VOResource 1.1 rights

Markus Demleitner msdemlei at ari.uni-heidelberg.de
Mon Jan 29 14:47:02 CET 2018

Dear Registry community,

On Mon, Jan 15, 2018 at 02:19:20PM +0100, Markus Demleitner wrote:
> [full version at
> http://mail.ivoa.net/pipermail/registry/2018-January/005221.html]
> Now, *if* we wanted to touch VOResource 1.1 to only allow one rights
> element per resource, the time window to do so would be closing fast.
> So, if your sympathising with that idea, this is when you should speak
> up.
> Me, after pondering the matter, I'd be tempted to say "let people
> dump multiple rights element into their VOResource elements if they
> want, but only put the first into RegTAP and have rights as a normal
> column in rr.resource".

Since nobody protested, here is what I've put into the VOResource 1.1
PR (Volute rev.4720, built version at

  While the schema allows multiple \xmlel{rights} elements and thus
  multiple license URIs, within the VO such use is discouraged.  This
  means that clients that discard information from additional
  \xmlel{rights} elements are not considered to be in violation of this
  specifiation.  In practice, resource record authors should place all
  usage limitations, citation recommendations, etc., directed at VO users
  in the first \xmlel{rights} element.

And I've used this freedom to have rights and rights_uri in RegTAP.
The text now says to just use the values from the first rights
element (Volute rev. 4722, built PDF at

I give you the "only use the first element" thing is a bit fishy, but
nobody identified a use case for having multiple rights that would be
proportional to the extra effort in writing queries that would follow
from managing the information in res_details (let alone have a table
of its own).

If you want to protest, please be quick for VOResource -- I'd like
to end RFC soon.  RegTAP will remain open at least until Victoria.

          -- Markus

PS: Unless I notice a big thinko somewhere in there, I'll update the
schema on the relational registry at reg.g-vo.org tomorrow to have
the rights and right_uri columns -- existing clients should not
notice anything.  updated tomorrow.

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