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Pierre Fernique Pierre.Fernique at astro.unistra.fr
Tue Jan 9 19:03:23 CET 2018

Dear Hipsers,

Some news concerning IVOA HiPS network developement/deployement, and a 
registry question (at the end) :

1) I'm pleased to announce that several new HiPS nodes have already  
been deployed since the Santiago Chili IVOA meeting. And some others are 
in preparation :

  * 2x Canada : CADC =>  http://hips2.canfar.net/hipslist.txt ,
  * 1x Australia : ANU => http://skymapper.anu.edu.au/_HiPS/hipslist.txt
  * Some others are still in preparation : Chili/ChiVO, China/VO,

Also, several big surveys and radio surveys have been recently 
successfully "HiPSized":

  * PanSTARRs (g band) : the biggest HiPS never provided before (10
    trillion pixels, 200 mas resolution)
    => It can be browsed seamlessly from Aladin Lite
    Aladin Desktop

  * Skymapper - all bands + color
  * VISTA VVV - Z-Y-J-H bands + color
  * Radio surveys: AMIGPS, DRAO-VillaElisa, DWINGELOO, EHBIS, GASS,

2) However, I bring to your attention that even we have now 14 
"official" HiPS nodes, only 3 of them are really declared in the VO 
So the question : Is the VO registry declaration too complex for HiPS 
nodes ? How to facilitate these registrations ?

Pierre Fernique

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