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Thu Nov 9 15:42:15 CET 2017

Hi all,

For the CDS/VizieR publishing registry, it was implemented in PERL using as
a base libraries developed at Virginia Tech., but modified to retrieve 
metadata from
Sybase, then PostgreSQL databases to build records.
I guess the original source code has moved, but now is here :

I'd rather do it in Python today, using a library like :
(has anyone used this one?)

If you need to test your registry for compliance with the OAI-PMH protocol,
this is a link I found useful :


Le 09/11/2017 à 09:41, Markus Demleitner a écrit :
> Hi Simon,
> On Thu, Nov 09, 2017 at 12:57:10PM +1100, Simon O'Toole wrote:
>> We are interested in setting up a publishing registry for IVOA
>> services for our new Data Central system; we have a TAP service and
>> will soon have several Simple Cone Search services and an Simple
>> Image Access service, plus more services in the pipeline.
> Ah -- we should really have a nice and concise page with a couple of
> standard answers to this and related questions.
>> How do we go about this? We don't want to be re-inventing the
>> wheel, so any assistance or pointers would be most welcome!
> OAI-PMH as such isn't a terribly complicated protocol, but producing
> the records themselves programatically can be a bit involved
> depending on how you currently keep your metadata.  So, my
> recommendation is to start with that (some publication tools already
> do that for you, but that isn't likely to be terribly helpful if
> you've written your own software).
> There's a short introduction on
> -- feedback on what additional information would be helpful is highly
> welcome.
> To see if you got it roughly right, use a normal XML schema validator
> (if you give schemaLocation).  You can also use purx for that if you
> put your piece of VOResource on the web.
> purx,, in addition is an
> alternative to running a full-fledged publishing registry if you
> forsee that you'll only have a dozen or so resources.  Have a look at
> the docs if you're interested.
> As to speaking OAI-PMH yourself, there are several generic tools out
> there (e.g., that may be
> helpful in setting up a complete registry.  I'm afraid I can't be
> more specific than that since I've never used any of those -- perhaps
> someone else can chime in?
> There is furthermore some code around for more VO-specific OAI-PMH.
> DaCHS has a python implementation that, however, is pretty closely
> integrated with both twisted/nevow and DaCHS' metadata management;
> take that away and the rest is almost trivial.
> What else exists?  CDS, CADC, IRSA, HEASARC, etc: If you have
> anything public, please speak up!  I'll collect the responses into
> the "RegisterYourServices" page I'd like to create.
>          -- Markus


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