VOResource 1.1 RFC

Markus Demleitner msdemlei at ari.uni-heidelberg.de
Thu Jun 8 12:02:07 CEST 2017


On Thu, Jun 08, 2017 at 10:32:55AM +0200, Baptiste Cecconi wrote:
> Indeed ORCID could do it for persons.  I will try to use use the
> existing altIdentifier attribute to refer to orc-id and spase-id.
> I would need it for all elements that could be a person/party, so
> having it back on contributor would be needed.

Ok -- so, I'll add altIdentifier to vr:Contact; that seems reasonable
based on symmetry with vr:Creator.  In consequence, the draft RegTAP
1.1 schema will grow a role column, presumably reflecting the element
name of altIdentifier's parent.

Publisher and contributor are a different matter, though.  They
currently are a vr:ResourceName-s.  In the parallel thread started by
Sarah, we're investigating whether they will get a
relatedAltIdentifier, too; but there are fairly hairly issues with
this (essentially: a sane relationship is a *pair*, not an n-tuple
for n>2). Do you forsee critical use cases that could need
altIdentifiers for publishers and contributors?

> However, when the contact/contributor/creator is a team or an
> organizing, we should use the ivo-id.  I'll see on real-life
> examples and come back to you.

So, we won't deprecate ivo-id where it already sits (i.e., publisher
and contributor).  I'm not sure if I'm too enthusiastic about
organisations as creators, but for contacts they clearly make sense.
For symmetry, I'd say both should grow an @ivo-id attribute with a
verbal constraint that only vr:Organisation-typed records should be

Would this work for you?

        -- Markus

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