[Media] Media Group task list updated on Trello -- Needs review and assignees

Budynkiewicz, Jamie Anne jbudynkiewicz at cfa.harvard.edu
Wed Jun 13 19:44:16 CEST 2018

Dear Media Group,

Hope everyone is well rested from the Interop and/or AAS meeting. (And I
wish you good luck if you're also at the SPIE meeting this week!)

I talked with Debbie about updating our task list, getting the team's
feedback, and asking for assignees.
So, I've updated the Media Group Trello team with the new tasks we received
during the May 2018 Interop.

Trello link:  https://trello.com/b/4ZCVDYqu/actions
Main page:  https://trello.com/ivoamediagroup

I made a new board called "Actions" with combines all the tasks from the
other boards.  I didn't plan on us mainting the "Website", "Outreach",
"Social Media," or "Newsletter" boards anymore. Instead, I propose we use
labels to denote which group the task belongs to, so users can still filter
by group if they wish.  (Of course, we can change that if the consensus is
to keep the tasks separated on their own boards).  There are labels for

I do plan to maintain the "Questions / Requests" board for IVOA members
outside the Media Group to post to.

I have some requests for the Media Group members:

1.  Could you please review the Actions board and see if I've missed any
tasks?  Please add a card for any missed actions.  Feel free to post the
tasks here as well.
2.  I've started adding people to tasks they've agreed to work on, but
you'll see there are a number of open tasks.  If you see a task that looks
related to your skill set, add yourself to the task (click the card, click
"Members", and select your name from the list).
     Some tasks may require more than one person, some just one person.
Either way, if you're interested in working the task, add yourself as a
Member. We can figure out who's doing what later (one person does the task,
others review it, for example?)
3.  Could someone who doesn't have a Media Group Trello account yet try to
post to the Questions / Requests board? I'd like to know what happens if
someone outside the team tries to post to it.

There was a lot of work done at Interop, mostly in preperation for IAU.
Here are the main tasks we've worked on during and after the Interop:

- We're working the handouts (https://trello.com/c/sviNwuZA).  I'd started
by Mark a template last week, he then filled it out with the general IVOA
handout this past weekend, and sent it around to a couple people.  I had
sent around an earlier template version the last day at Interop for some
feedback, but hadn't heard back from anyone, so I went ahead and gave an
updated template to Mark since he wanted one quickly. You can find this
template on the Media Group Twiki attachments (a4_handout_drafts.docx
   -  This goes along with the Corporate Design document started by Kai,
Shanshan, and myself.  It's still being worked, but the colors, fonts, and
logo rules are laid out (Trello link  https://trello.com/c/yc1wKL9P).

- Shanshan is also working the website header by merging some
multi-wavelength images together and overlaying a grid-like pattern on top (
https://trello.com/c/ZD1ddH9m).  We'll need permissions from the
organizations who published the images (https://trello.com/c/yPG0xgVQ)

- Theresa started compiling a list of VO tutorials for the website (
https://trello.com/c/nQNmdYfn), specifically the Jupyter notebooks for
accessing the NASA archives.

- I had just asked Giulia if she could work on the Semanatics group's new
IVOA vocabularies pages (https://trello.com/c/2tgcMWOO) since she maintains
the Documents list. We need to coordinate the changes with ICUAA (India)
since they're the ones who maintain the website.  However, we don't know if
they have Exec approval to add these pages to ivoa.net. This needs to be
   -  Mirielle wanted the information up by the end of June, which is
coming up quickly; a couple of us can work on this task if more hands are

We got some good work done during and after the Interop -- great job! Let's
keep it up!

Many thanks for your reviews. Comments Questions? Let's discuss.

Warm regards,
Jamie Budynkiewicz

Jamie A. Budynkiewicz
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
100 Acorn Park Dr. R-377 MS-81
Cambridge, MA 02140
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