[Media] [Semantics / Vocabularies] Proposition for a IVOA vocabulary main page

Mireille Louys mireille.louys at unistra.fr
Wed May 23 23:42:50 CEST 2018


Dear Semantics ,
Here above is the link to a prototype page  that has been proposed to 
the exec commitee recently.
The goal is to gather all vocabularies used in the IVOA framework and 
manage the various updates of these collections of terms

The technical aspects for providing a central page at the IVOA main 
pages are discussed  with Exec Committee and the Media Group .

I would very much appreciate your feedback as developers or users on 
this proposal  in terms of :

  * lisibility: is it understandable ?
  * usage :
      o how you would consider using it  or refer to it
      o tools you may like to plug on these resources
      o etc ..

Many thanks , Mireille, for the semantics WG

-- *Mireille Louys, Semantics Chair Strasbourg University *

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