Call for presentations - Cape Town

Gerard Lemson glemson1 at
Fri Mar 11 18:07:40 CET 2016

Hi Mark and DM
> Sometime soon I would like to get interested and involved parties together to
> talk about the Provenance work, and how that can fold into the Observation,
> ObsDataset, and Simulation models.  If these people are in Cape Town, perhaps
> we can have a small discussion topic or splinter meeting on this.
Just so you know, the simulation data model already *is a* provenance model.
It was the first formal model for provenance (of theory results) in the IVOA.
It derived its provenance pattern from the (non-formal) "Domain Model for Astronomy" (Lemson, Dowler, Banday 2004) first discussed in ADASS 2003.
So maybe provenance and the other models can learn something from SimDM?



> Mark

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