New Update ObsCore1.1 WD / prototype for use-cases examples

Mark Taylor M.B.Taylor at
Wed Mar 9 12:39:01 CET 2016

Dear DM,

I don't have a strong interest in ObsCore, but skimming it
I have one comment.

The name of the new model entries *_xel, designating number of
elements along a given axis, seems a bit strange to me.
If I saw an item named t_nel I'd guess that it means number of
elements, but t_xel sounds mysterious.  Is there a good reason
for this name?  It's not a big deal, and if this is already
written in to existing implementations I'm not seriously suggesting
changing it, but if it's still easy to change it might be worth


On Wed, 24 Feb 2016, Louys Mireille wrote:

> Dear DAL and DM members ,
> The new release for The ObsCore1.1/ObsTAP specification is now on line at
> in the pdf version : WD-ObsCore-v1.1-20160224.pdf
> <> 
> this is an update of the recent uploaded  version  and will soon be on the
> Document repository .
> The Working Group review period starts*is running from 14 th of February till
> 15th of March*.
> Updated sections and changes will be easy to spot in this version: they are
> printed in colors : green , purple and red.
> See also the "Changes" section.
> Eager to read your comments , and suggestions either on the DM list or on the
> wiki page.
> Many thanks
> Mireille Louys , on behalf of Laurent Michel

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