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Thank you for the input.
Let me see if I get the intent correctly..

The intent here is to describe the case where you are observing a specific
feature or aspect of some object?
  eg: The atmosphere of Jupiter (or the 'Red Spot')
  eg: Erebor Mons on Saturn's moon Titan

I'm looking at this to compare with what you've described,%20montes

So,  you want the primary to be the planet/object itself so
that searches for the parent object include these refined observations.
And, you need to add a secondary set of fields to describe the 'resolved'
or more specific feature including:
  + its name
  + its type (class)
  + its location on the parent object

BTW: It seems to me that it would be useful to include the
BaseTarget.position to provide the location of the parent object (Titan) at
the time of the observation in a standard reference frame.

I would suggest that if the 'objectClass' and 'elementClass' values are to
be defined by a Planetary nomenclature list, that the name of the class
should be more specific/linked to that domain  (PlanetaryTarget).. not sure
if that works well for your 'sunspot' example.

Are you thinking that this could/should be added to the DatasetDM? I don't
see any real problem with that, but if not, it could easily be defined in
EPNCore as an extension of DatasetDM.BaseTarget and fit in the overall
model domain just fine.

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