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Dear Mark:

Here are my comments on DatasetDM and CubeDM, regarding its use for EPNcore 2.0:

1/ Proposition of an extension of BaseTarget as ResolvedTarget
In addition to and Target.objectClass, we could have: 
- ResolvedTarget.regionName (for a planet, it would be: surface, atmosphere, interior…)
- ResolvedTarget.elementName (for a planet, it would be a named crater; for the Sun, a named (id) active region) 
- ResolvedTarget.elementClass (for a planet surface, it would be "crater" or "mons"; for the sun, "active region", "sunspot") 
	For planetary surfaces, the following feature classes could be used:
	For other applications, lists may have been compiled or not: this could be a nice work package for the Europlanet project. 
I'm not sure we can use BaseTarget.position for moving target such as a planet. How ever, it could be interesting to have  
- ResolvedTarget.elementPosition (an STC Position in bodyrc for planets) 

Further more, we have an already defined list for Target.objectClass in EPNcore:
asteroid, dwarf_planet, planet, satellite, comet, exoplanet, interplanetary_medium, ring, sample, sky, spacecraft, spacejunk, star


> Le 21 janv. 2015 à 16:40, CresitelloDittmar, Mark <mdittmar at> a écrit :
> All,
> I am wrapping up the SpectralDM document changes from the TCG review, and will be getting back to the CubeDM work shortly.
> At last notice (shortly before Banff), I had posted the drafts to Volute:
> <>
> <>
> Which was presented at that meeting.
> Going forward, 
>   + I have a few updates to the DatasetMetadata document spawning from the TCG feedback, but most of those are addressed by bringing SpectralDM closer to what was already in DatasetMetadata.
>   + The Cube model needs to migrate/incorporate/converge to Arnold's ongoing STC2 work 
> So, I'm asking interested parties to dust off their copies of the document and let me know if there are discussion topics which we still need to address in the next draft, which I'm expecting to be sufficient for starting the review process.
> For convenience, the twiki page has:
>   - previous discussion threads
>   - links related to this draft (section "Second Draft")
> <>
> Thanks,
> Mark

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