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Sebastien Derriere sebastien.derriere at astro.unistra.fr
Wed Oct 22 16:39:44 CEST 2014

Le 20/10/2014 23:52, Walter Landry a écrit :
> Hello,
> I am running a TAP service, and I want to store the full ADQL query in
> the resulting table.  What UCD should I use for that?  I could not
> find anything suitable in the UCD1+ list
>    http://www.ivoa.net/documents/REC/UCD/UCDlist-20070402.html
> Should I use something like meta.adql?
> Thanks,
> Walter Landry

   Also something I forgot to mention is that the UCD standard
allows to use non-standard words, provided they are prefixed
by a namespace different from "ivoa:"
   For a standard word, "pos.eq.ra" and "ivoa:pos.eq.ra" are
   A non-standard word can be written with another namespace,
e.g. "walter:meta.query" while the term males it to the standard
list. Can be useful for prototyping.



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