Cube Model draft update.

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Wed Oct 1 05:03:06 CEST 2014

Fellow DMers,

I apologize for the delayed delivery of the cube model draft.

Arnold, Omar and I have on the STC2 content to support this revision.
There are still some open questions and discussions to be had, but we
believe the framework is in place.  Arnold is busy working the 'official'
stc2 model, this document includes a prototype.

The directive from Madrid was to create an Observation Dataset model to
serve as a basis for the other models (ObsCore, Image/Cube, Spectral).. to
emphasize this purpose, and to avoid creating another mega-document, I
separated the work into 2 documents:

  1) Dataset Metadata model: includes the generic Dataset/ObsDataset
metadata, a strawman Observation model, and the prototype STC2 (because
ObsDataset requires 2 STC datatypes).
This document can be a common starting point for updates to current models,
and for new ones coming later.  It can also be a good resource for those
working provenance.. asking "what about datasets NOT generated by an

  2) N-Dimensional Cube model:  imports Dataset Metadata and the STC2
prototype models.. and builds on those to create the cube objects.  It
defines the difference between a Dataset and DataProduct  (ie, an Image
stripped of all metadata except what is needed to still be an Image), and
handles the Image and Sparse cases.

I think the separate documents is the correct approach, but if this is a
problem, they can be re-combined.

We have used the VO-DML modeling practices in the process.  Which has been
a big help in making some decisions about Object vs Datatype, how to
structure things and has provided a solution for the odd "DataModel" object
that we have had in the models.

I have updated the Volute repository with the most recent modelio files and
doc files.
The new PDF documents are at:

I hope you get a chance to read these, so we can have some fruitful
discussions in Banff.

See you next week!
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