New VOSpec 5.5 release

Juan Gonzalez juan.gonzalez at
Thu Sep 3 06:26:47 PDT 2009

Dear IVOA community,

we are pleased to announce the release of VOSpec 5.5 available at:

Applet version:

Webstart version:

This new release includes the following mayor features and improvements 
from V5.1:

+ SAMP Integration -
+ Best Fit Algorithm -
+ Support to 1-D fits spectrum image -
+ Update of the local file parsers, with use of the NVO SED library 
kindly provided and supported by the NVO Harvard-Smithsonian Center for 
Astrophisics -

Furthermore, improvements from version 4 include:

+ Registry interface update to rec 1.01 - New Euro-VO and NVO registries 
+ SSA interface updated to REC 1.04
+ NVO SED library inclusion for SDM 1.0+ compatible spectra
+ Dual spectra selector
        o Reconfigurable tree
        o Sortable table
+ Local Registry
+ Distance metadata calculation

For further information (manual, versioning info, other access 
interfaces) please check the VOSpec webpage:

Enjoy VOSpec.

The ESA-VO Team

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