Applications pre-Beijing round up.

Mark Allen allen at
Thu May 10 14:51:12 PDT 2007

Dear All,

The Apps WG appears to be in good shape in the lead up to the Beijing
interop meeting next week. We have a full schedule of presentations of
new and updated VO applications, many of which will highlight
implementation of IVOA standards and VO concepts.

The applications messaging standard 'project' is also in good shape
with the mailing list discussion converging on the approach described
by Mike and John, to improve the basic PLASTIC protocol into
an IVOA standard - with working name of SAMP. The discussion did of
course cover the issues of more general messaging problems,
and these are well noted. A longer term roadmap will try to address how
this all fits together, and also identify the level of overlap with GWS

A summary of the discussion and current approach will be given at the
beginning of the Apps Messaging session. Given the consensus for SAMP we
plan to avoid a re-run of the mailing list debates! The schedule is
focused on the practical decisions to be made for SAMP, based on the
issues listed in the table:

The schedule will be on the Twiki as soon as it starts working again.

I think we should have the goal to formulate a plan for writing the
standards documents, and implementations within a relatively short (2-3
month) timeline after the meeting.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the mailing list discussion, and
I look forward to seeing many of you in Beijing.


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