vote on Proposed changes to PLASTIC for 1.0

Mark Allen allen at
Fri May 4 05:10:04 PDT 2007

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder to fill out the voting table for the proposed
changes to PLASTIC.

It is important to get your input there ASAP, and certainly
before the Beijing Interop meeting.


>From John Taylor April :
> Over the last year a number of changes have been suggested for 
> PLASTIC, and the discussions on this list have thrown up a few more. 
> Rising to Mike's challenge, I've collected them on this wiki page:
> All of these changes can be made while retaining backwards 
> compatibility with current PLASTIC apps, at least in the short term. 
> If I've missed something important, please let me know.   Some  of 
> the changes are lacking a sponsor: if you want to adopt one then go 
> ahead, or I'll delete it if it gets no support.  I've taken the 
> liberty of attributing some of the changes to Mark and Mike - feel 
> free to remove your name if I've got it wrong.
> So, cast your votes for the changes you want to see, and those you 
> don't.  Please do take part - it's important we get your views, 
> *particularly* from people who intend to develop applications against
>  this protocol.
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