TimeSeries of position (Asteroid)

François Bonnarel francois.bonnarel at astro.unistra.fr
Wed Nov 21 19:15:19 CET 2018

Der Dave, all,*

Before interop Dave asked me to provide how a TimeSeries of Asteroid 
could look like with the current ts model proposal and Utypes serialisation.

> Someone recently described to me a use case that I haven't seen in our 
> discussions.
> To help me understand how to use the new model, could you send me a 
> simple example of how a time series of position over time would look ?
> For a single moving object we would get multiple ra/dec or Point 
> values plotted against time.
> For a mode complex example, multiple position and magnitude values 
> plotted against time.

You can find a "dummy example" of this at this URL :

Could be from gaia for an Asteroid.


Then Dave gave more details for the second more complex example

> Two use cases from the Gaia meeting.
> Exoplanets, the star will change both brightness and position by tiny 
> amounts linked to the planet's orbit. Very small and slow changes in 
> both position and brightness, hard to detect above the noise.
> Near earth asteroid will be travelling very fast, and change 
> brightness in response to distance from the sun, position relative to 
> the sun, and rotation and shape of the asteroid itself. Very large and 
> rapid changes in both position and brightness.
> Both are valid cases for time series of positions and magnitudes. 

I will buld them for tommorrow.



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