John Swinbank j.swinbank at uva.nl
Sat May 17 14:03:13 PDT 2014

Hi Rob, all,

On 17 May 2014, at 0:13 , Rob Seaman <seaman at noao.edu> wrote:

> Presumably there will be these three topics…any others?

You’ll have seen on-list response to my call for contributions, and I’ve received nothing more personally. In terms of a formal agenda, therefore, we have me talking about transport, and Matthew talking about STS and RegExt.

In terms of transport, I can not only summarize the current status of the proto-standard, but also report on a bunch of tests of VTP in the semi-wild which I’ve been carrying out which might be of interest to those wondering how it might scale to high event rates. I’m not sure if Mike is ready to expound further on the VOEventContainer idea, but, if so, this would be a fine opportunity to do it. Finally, I will once again repeat my plea that authentication of events is important, and perhaps try to recruit volunteers for testing Comet’s OpenPGP support.

I have not yet fully had chance to digest Matthew’s VOEventRegExt document. However, the main thing I don’t feel that I have a good grasp of is how to actually put it into practice. The metadata all seems to be there, but as the owner & operator of a VOEvent broker, and as an individual interested in finding out about the latest and greatest transients, it’s not immediately clear what I’d actually _do_ with it. Perhaps that’s a question I should ask the Registry WG, but if Matthew (or somebody else) were to volunteer a little practical instruction, that would certainly go down well with me.

Beyond that, I continue to solicit contributions or suggestions for Thursdays session. Last month, Rob stirred up some on-list discussion on the time domain “bestiary” — anybody want to volunteer to lead a discussion on that? Anything else we should cover?



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