DataLink semantics vocabulary enhacement proposal = new Associated-DataSet branch

François Bonnarel francois.bonnarel at
Tue Oct 15 17:28:00 CEST 2019

Dear all,

     Following the discussions last week and mainly the question of 
tagging TimeSeries attached to sources in a catalog via DataLink I make 
a proposal using the draft mechanism of "VEP" (vocabulary enhancement 
proposal) proposed by Markus in the

draft "Vocabularies in the VO version 2.0 -2019-07-15"

    AssociatedDataSet is a new branch. Children are Associated-image, 
Associated-spectrum, etc... as requested recently By Alberto Micol or 
Carlos Rodrigo.

   and Associated-TimeSeries. As requested by Ada during the interop I 
added a few children to Associated-TimeSeries (so grand-children to 
Associated-Data) : Associated-Lightcurve, 
Associated-TilmeSeries-spectra, etc ...

You will find this so-called   "VEP" here :



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