Request for feedback about StandardsRegExt-1.1 Working Draft

Renaud Savalle renaud.savalle at
Mon Oct 16 14:53:38 CEST 2023

Dear members of the Registry Working Group,

In the last months we have been working on a new version of 
StandardsRegExt, the XML encoding standard for metadata about IVOA 
standards, which not only allows to register IVOA standard documents, 
but also defines concepts that can themselves be referred to in other 
standards. For instance a capability of a VOResource's has an  attribute 
standardID which takes a value defined in the StandardsRegExt schema of 
the standard that this capability implements.

The main issues with the current Recommendation 1.0 were discussed 
during a talk at the Registry session during the Interop meeting last 
May; see my slides at:

To address those issues we have published on the IVOA web site a Working 
Draft for version 1.1:

We're hereby asking you to please review that document, so that we can 
go forward with a RFC period we hope to start at the beginning of December.

Feedback is welcome in this thread, in particular about the changes 
introduced since the last version (see list below).



Changes since Rec-1.0:

 1. Corrected and clarified some wordings.
 2. Removed references to vstd:StandardKeyEnumeration (which is now
    deprecated) from this document and associated schema. Replaced
    computer language example by HiPS standard definition example.
 3. Added en and pen to the list of document types.
 4. Adding regulations on record upload and key additions.
 5. Requiring new keys to be all-lowercase in order to simplify comparisons.
 6. Ported to ivoatex. This entailed some re-shuffling the the previous
 7. Dropped the "example of a Standard resource that summarizes this
    specification" (we have an example in the appendix already, and it's
    not clear why there would be another one inline).
 8. Dropped the in-document full schema (we now have auxiliaryurl, and
    it's unclear whether it's a good idea to have a second copy of the
    schema anyway).
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