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Mon Jan 29 10:24:23 CET 2018

Hi Markus, all,

I like the WD, here follow some (I imagine minor) points.

In the introduction, resource records' numbers may be
updated (now it's nearly 20000 records out of about 40
registries), but maybe you'd like to wait for this WD to
change state before.

Also it refers to RI-1.0 and the XML search interface.
Does it make sense, given RI-1.1 RFC?

Given the RegTAP tables now report datatypes in the
more general form, I think we can nicely remove the
Appendix C.

There are still a couple of "RegTAP#1.0" strings around
in §7 (pg.12) and §9.

Apart from that (and maybe a fix to the nearly empty
pg.17) I'm ok with the specification update.


2017-12-07 14:46 GMT+01:00 Markus Demleitner <msdemlei at

> Dear Registry community,
> Since I guess VOResource 1.1 won't change terribly much any more, I
> went ahead and put up RegTAP 1.1 on the document repository, also in
> celebration of the REC's fourth birthday:
> This is essentially just adapting for the changes of VOResource 1.1.
> As behooves a point release, it shouldn't break existing clients (or
> so I claim).  As a matter of fact, the RegTAP service at
> already implements RegTAP 1.1 (or so I claim).
> As confessed during the Shanghai interop, I'm cheating a bit, though:
> the rr.resource.rights column is going away, which would count as an
> incompatible change.  If anyone had done anything with this column,
> which I claim hasn't been the case.  Still, protest if you think
> that's fishy.
> Also, the handling of the securityMethod element has changed.  As in
> VOResource, I claim we can do this in a point release because we know
> the feature hasn't been used so far.  As a consequence, the
> recommended discovery patterns have changed to include the new
> security_method_id columns (clients will unfortunately have to work
> out if they're dealing with RegTAP 1.1 services before they can use
> it).
> Please have a look at the WD and comment -- and if you're running
> a RegTAP service or plan on doing so, please have a paricularly close
> look.
> If you prefer looking at diffs, see the commits leading up to this:
> svn log -r 3676:HEAD
> trunk/projects/registry/regtap
> or use viewvc:
> registry/regtap/RegTAP.tex?view=log&pathrev=4610
>           -- Markus
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