TAP usage in practice - we have a small problem.

Pierre Fernique Pierre.Fernique at astro.unistra.fr
Thu May 18 05:51:43 CEST 2017

Dear TAP and VO registry (and Apps)  contributors,

I would like to emphasize by this mail an issue that we are face to in 
the developement to Aladin V10. I described it briefly at the Shanghai 
Interop meeting but a larger audience on the IVOA list may be important.
If we could have a short addition in the VO registry document to solve 
it, it would be really great.

*The problem by an example:* (IRSA example, but it should be HEASARC or 

I am a user an I want to query by TAP one IRSA specific resource.
So Aladin v10 provides for me the list of all IRSA resources from the VO 
registry supporting TAP access (see below), and I select my table.
Good !
    => /2MASS Calibration Point Source Working Database/ (ivoid => 

2. I discover that I can access it by critera (check box "/by criteria/" 
below). Perfect !
I access to the TAP form associated to this table.

And now, *I'm stuck. I have absolutely no idea of which table in the TAP 
schema corresponds to my selection*, and the VO registry ID, in this 
case does not help me.

/Note: /In fact, if I have had a way to look into the original XML VO 
registry record for this IRSA table, I would have discovered a free text 
field containing this kind of sentence "/for this resource you have to 
use this TAP table name XXXX./". So, the problem has been clearly 
already touched by IRSA team, but for client tools such as Aladin v10, 
this free text sentence is not really helping.

*One suggested solution:*

I would suggest to *add in the VO registry record of the TAP capability 
of this table the name of the internal DB table associated to*.

Obviously, the one to one table correspondance is not always the case. 
For instance, Simbad is not described by one unique DB table. But for 
big TAP DB - such as VizieR, IRSA, HEASARC.... it is the case. And the 
problem occurs especially for these kinds of servers.

Comments ? Remarks ? Others ideas to solve the problem ?


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