DataCite relationships [was: VOResource 1.1 RFC]

Sarah Weissman sweissman at
Thu Jun 8 15:58:46 CEST 2017

Not really; the main issue was how IVOIDs would go into DataCite
documents.  The current resolution is to use DataCite's URI type
rather than try to get a special relatedIdentifierType; I'm not 100%
convinced that's the right thing to do, but technically it's fine
because you can work out it's an IVOID based on the URI scheme.

DataCite 4.0 ( doesn’t have a generic URI type for relatedIdentifierType. The allowed values are: ARK arXiv bibcode DOI EAN13 EISSN Handle IGSN ISBN ISSN ISTC LISSN LSID PMID PURL UPC URL URN. I don’t understand why they do it this way, because, as you say, you can generally determine what to do with a URI by looking at its scheme.

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