[Media] IVOA Twitter: received a tweet from arcsecond.io asking for a response on their services

Jesus Salgado jesus.salgado at sciops.esa.int
Tue Jun 26 10:31:02 CEST 2018

Hi Jamie,

I already commented informally with the rest of the group that is also 
in charge of this initiative. I will coordinate an answer. Yes,
I already knew about arsecond.io becase we interacted with them about 

Thanks for letting us know,

On 25/06/18 20:41, Bruno Merin wrote:
> Thanks for the heads up Jamie,
> I am sorry to say that our discussion via twitter and afterwards via 
> email with the authors of arcsecond.io <http://arcsecond.io> were 
> really not constructive but I let to Jesús to decide whether he wants 
> to respond, follow up or otherwise..
> Cheers,
> Bruno
>> On Jun 22, 2018, at 11:53 PM, Budynkiewicz, Jamie Anne 
>> <jbudynkiewicz at cfa.harvard.edu 
>> <mailto:jbudynkiewicz at cfa.harvard.edu>> wrote:
>> Dear Media Group,
>> We've received a tweet from arcsecond.io <http://arcsecond.io/> 
>> replying to Jesus Salgado's presentation at Interop (slides: 
>> https://goo.gl/R18q5H). They asked us if we're aware of what they're 
>> doing at https://www.arcsecond.io <https://www.arcsecond.io/>
>> Here's the tweet: https://twitter.com/carviset/status/1001581579439718400
>>    (and a tweet to ESA earlier this month related to this project: 
>> https://twitter.com/ESAesdc/status/1001565216990113794)
>> Any thoughts on how we should respond? I'm CC'ing Bruno and 
>> Christophe since they had twitter interactions with them back in 
>> March (https://twitter.com/carviset/status/968995130207363073), and 
>> Jesus since it's his presentation.
>> Many thanks,
>> Jamie
>> -- 
>> Jamie A. Budynkiewicz
>> Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
>> Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
>> 100 Acorn Park Dr. R-377 MS-81
>> Cambridge, MA 02140

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