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Theresa Dower dower at stsci.edu
Fri Oct 27 16:45:56 CEST 2017

IVOAastro works!

Making it match the Facebook page name is just easier for folks to remember.

In a related note, when double-checking that it was the same, I searched in Facebook with "IVOAastro"  and then just "IVOA" to find the new IVOA facebook page. Currently it does not return in the results (when logged in as me), despite the page being "https://www.facebook.com/IVOAastro/". Perhaps if there is space in the FB page name to add "IVOA" it might? I see that the acronym is already in the "About" section text, so it might also just be a matter of FB search indexing and time; it might just come up once there are more posts on the page using the acronym.


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I like IVOAastro.

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On Oct 27, 2017, at 8:51 AM, Simon OToole <simon.otoole at aao.gov.au<mailto:simon.otoole at aao.gov.au>> wrote:

Dear Christophe,

As we discussed yesterday, I had set up an account called @ivoalliance. After our discussion, I have changed this @IVOAastro. I think that keeping IVOA at the front of the handle is important, since when people search for accounts, twitter has an autocomplete. This means that it would be hard to find astroIVOA (for example).

I would recommend going with IVOAastro, although this can still be changed if that is not the consensus.


On Friday, October 27, 2017 23:36 AEDT, Christophe Arviset <Christophe.Arviset at esa.int<mailto:Christophe.Arviset at esa.int>> wrote:

Dear all

We discussed yesterday the IVOA twitter account that would be good to have asap so we can start using it during this meeting.

I found an "IVOA interop" twitter account (https://twitter.com/ivoainterop) which was only used in 2009-2010 for some IVOA interoperability meetings.

So the questions are :

  *   do any of you still have the credentials of this IVOA interop twitter account?
     *   if so, should we use this one as the official IVOA twitter account and transfer it to media group ?
  *   or should we create a new one as proposed by the media group ?
     *   if so, which nickname should we pick ?
        *   IVOAastro would be my preferred choice, but that's personal ;-)

Thanks in advance



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