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Le 18/09/2020 à 17:00, CresitelloDittmar, Mark a écrit :
> Finally.. you ask "I'm not sure if VO-DML allows these types of "weakly-typed" references already -- Gerard?"
> This is really important.  The objections you are raising to the MC models have little to do with the model,
> and everything to do with VO-DML rules and Annotation syntax.
>     * A VO-DML model identifies the models it uses.. these are explicit declarations of the model/version.
>     * There is no allowance for a model to reference any "version of coords:Position"

This should be reinforced in the annotation syntax in a way that one annotation block relates to  ONE model.
The list of imported models is in the VODML of that top model, it shouldn't be repeated in the VOTable.


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