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Taking your pseudo annotated instances another step..
Here, instead of a new "meas" model, I made a second "coords" model
changing the Position element.
I want to use this (ra,dec) pair in my Dataset Metadata annotation as the
Target.position... the pair is annotated against 2 different coords models.
Which do I reference in my Target annotation?  Or, how would you want to
see that?

  <FIELD ID="RA" name="ra"/>
  <FIELD ID="DEC" name="dec"/>

  <INSTANCE type="coords:Position">
    <ATTRIBUTE role="ref_frame" value="ICRS"/>
    <ATTRIBUTE role="latitude" ref="DEC"/>
    <ATTRIBUTE role="longitude" ref="RA"/>

  <INSTANCE type="coords2:EquatorialPosition">
    <ATTRIBUTE role="ref_frame" value="ICRS"/>
    <ATTRIBUTE role="dec" ref="DEC"/>
    <ATTRIBUTE role="ra" ref="RA"/>

  <INSTANCE type="ds:Target">
    <ATTRIBUTE role="position" ref="???" />
    <ATTRIBUTE role="objectClass" value="Star"/>

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