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I'll respond to a couple points here.. other items will need more

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> > The difference is basically:
> >   * with just GenericMeasure your data product will only be making the
> > statement
> >       "This TABLE has COLUMNS"
> >   * with the property-based Measures, you are describing Entities
> >       "This Cube has Position, Time, etc...
> As you know I'm always trying to limit the number of ways we have in
> the VO to do roughly the same thing, so: How is this different from
> attaching a UCD to the GenericMeasure?

IMO: you are mixing "model" and "serialization" here.
I would rephrase your sentence as:
  "A standard serialization of the Position, Time, etc model objects in
VOTable COULD be to attach an appropriate UCD to the <GROUP> element."
But, that does NOT mean that UCD should be a model element... it is a means
of representing the concept which may work well for VOTables, but not
necessarily for other formats.

> > One of the 'threads' often used in the wish-list for these models is to
> > 'easily identify and plot the positions in a file, with
> > appropriate/normalized Frame specs'.
> But shouldn't such applications simply look for Coordinates instances
> rather than going as deep as Measurements?

Coordinates is deeper than Measurements.

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