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My apologies for the delay in announcing these.  A few weeks ago, I
delivered updates to the STC-2.0 component models to the IVOA repository.
I neglected to provide the updated schema and vo-dml products, so will need
to follow-up on that.

Below is the current status of the models:
  * all models have corresponding example file suite serialized in
(VOTable, AnnotatedVOTable, XML) in volute
  * for Meas and Coords, I'd say these are about as far as I can take
them.. the TCG is looking for more hands-on application before approving
the models, that depends on external (ie 'not me') implementations being
developed and providing feedback.

Coords-1.0 <> (
10/Mar/2020 )
  * updated to RFC comments
  * made formal comparison of the model against AstroPy
    o posted to STC2 twiki page
       + comparison writeup (pdf)
       + comparison diagram (png)
  * Topics
     o Epoch: astropy includes epoch as a representation of Time, while the
Coords model does not include it under TimeStamp
        ** we don't necessarily need to, but thought I'd point it out.
     o Space-centric Point
        ** these were specifically requested to be removed during RFC, but
Astropy does include them (and Frame-centric interfaces), and MANGO model
development has expressed that these maybe should exist.

Meas-1.0 <> (
13/Apr/2020 )
  * Updated to RFC comments
  * Topics:
     o I don't believe there are open topics here..

Trans-1.0 <> (
03/Aug/2020 )
  * Updated with internal review comments, and to make use of Meas model
  * Topics:  there are a few open suggestions from the author review which
I thought could wait to implement after broader review
    o "Unit" transform: rename "Identity" to avoid name clash with 'units'
    o M,N in Matrix transform -> row, column
    o specifically mention that this model does NOT cover the
frame/property/representation level of transforms
       + equatorial -> galactic
       + energy -> wavelength
       + date -> mjd
       + FITS paper IV: time transformations

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