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I have attached an initial drop for the Coordinates data model.
I'm taking the approach that these component models are Version 1.0 models
extracted from and updating portions of the STC-1.33, rather than branding
them as STC-2.0 models (the introduction explains their heritage).  I
haven't taken a formal poll, but informal talks with several of us at the
interops was positive, since these are not strictly limited to "Space-Time
  + Astronomical Coordinates and Coordinate Systems - V1.0 (coords)
  + Measurements and Errors - V1.0 (meas)
  + WCS Transforms - V1.0 (trans)

There should be no surprises on the content, this is the same stuff we've
been presenting for a while now, and working in the Mapping, Cube and Time
Domain projects.
Please give it a look-over and reply with comments.  I'll be
updating/preping the twiki pages for recording, but have to get to the
other 2 documents also.

Items of note:
  + References
     I was verifying the reference list today and have a couple questions
     * reference to Seidelmann (1992), ‘Explanatory supplement to the
astronomical almanac’.  This appears to be in 3rd Edition now,  (2014).  It
might be nice to update the reference, but I'd have to find the book and
verify/update the referenced sections are correct.
     * the document references the Planetary Ephemeris DE405 as the
default.  This is a 1997 version, and there have been several updates since
then.  The most recent is DE432.  Should this be updated?

  + Vocabularies
     * As discussed at the interop(s), I've made vocabularies of Standard
Reference Frames, Standard Reference Position, Time Scale.
        - the document includes the current lists in the appendix, and I
have sent these to the Semantics group for working the official vocabulary
storage bits.
        - Based on what I heard at the interop, I put the base URL for the
vocabularies at:
          for now, but expect things will change. (there is nothing at that
location now).

     * I think I added a file to that area for translating vo-dml/XML to
ivoatex (vo-dml2ivoatex.xslt)
     * I got the Architecture diagram made and included!

  + Volute
     * I've re-arranged the content of the STC area to separate the
component models into their own trees.
     * This will break references in various places (twiki/email) and
examples, but is better for the independent documents.
     * This content is now at:
        - for some reason, I was not ready to pull them fully from under
the STC umbrella.

   + The Document
      * Its 45 pages, with 10+ pages of Appendices, mostly on the
          - I'm sure that could be reduced by some formatting changes, but
I'm not very LaTeX savvy and welcome suggestions
          - The margins are HUGE.  I'm only getting 11cm of text on a
21.5cm page (4" in 8.5")
             This is making the document longer and my images hard to see.
I tried to adjust this, but it messes up the entire document format, so
gave up.  Suggestions!
      * The text is a conglomeration of Arnold's model documentation drops,
STC-1.33 and my own stuff.
      * TODO
          - I'd like to add internal links from the attribute types to the
corresponding section..
          - I feel like a Resource reference for the Polarization stuff is
in order, but don't have one.
          - review/update the examples, and twiki pages.
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