[Dataset] Model document update

CresitelloDittmar, Mark mdittmar at cfa.harvard.edu
Fri Mar 18 15:51:41 CET 2016


I have submitted an update to the DatasetMetadata v1.0 model document to
the ivoa document repository.
It is also available in volute at:


The changes address the vo-dml compliance issues in the previous version,
and update the STC2 prototype section.
Change List:
  - Update elements for vo-dml compatibility
    o Curation.reference, DataID.collection now point to Objects
    o Curation.publisher, Curation.contact, DataID.creator,
       were normalized into using a simple Party model, where these are
Roles associated with a Party.
    o Enumerations with values which don't follow vo-dml name pattern
       were updated to have compliant tags, (and associated 'label' with
current string rep.)
  - Updates for more accurate representation
    o ObsConfig restructured to take into account the concepts of the
content, rather
       than being a list of simple Elements
    o Curation.rights changed from string to AccessRights type
  - Updates to STC2 prototype
    o duplicate packaging of Arnold's model
    o updates for vo-dml compliance in PixelSpace, PixelCoordinate,

As mentioned, this version is vo-dml compliant, and has passed the vo-dml
validator tool.  There
is also vo-dml html pages generated and online at


I'm expecting this version (pending review feedback) will be moving forward
through the REC process.
I'll be coordinating the documentation regarding implementations and
updating the twiki page over the
next couple weeks, then would like to move into the PR phase.

So: Starting working group review period.  Ending Apr. 8, 2016

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