[vodml] EnumLiterals and vodml-id

CresitelloDittmar, Mark mdittmar at cfa.harvard.edu
Fri Jan 8 21:10:19 CET 2016


I am working on processing the DatasetMetadata model through the vo-dml
scripts and am getting a validation error for some enumeration literals
which I think point to a conflict in the doc or a missing step in the
vodml-id generation in the scripts.

Section 4.9.1 literal: EnumLiteral
   "literals are modeled as strings, as the actual value of an enumeration
literal is not important,"

However, the value is used to generate the vodml-id for the element, and
vodml-id has a rule:

Section 4.1.1 vodml-id: ElementID
   "This element MUST be formatted according to the regular expression in
the XML schema: '[\w\._-]+' "

In the DatasetMetadata document we have values like:
  Enumeration         Literal                    vodml-id
  CreationType     "spectral extraction"  dataset.CreationType.spectral
  SpectralBandType "X-ray"                dataset.SpectralBandType.X-ray

The space in the first, and '-' in the second violate the vodml-id pattern.

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