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Marco Molinaro molinaro at oats.inaf.it
Tue Oct 21 12:58:08 CEST 2014

Hi Walter,
I added semantics' list to your inquiry.
meta.adql does not exist, there is no other meta UCD that resembles what
you're trying, I think.
Maybe the nearest choice could be a meta.software, but I must say I
wouldn't like it if I had to do the same thing.

Using meta.adql would probably result in something not understood by
It doesn't help SQL/ADQL has no specific mime-type that could have helped
in the description of the (param?) you're trying to set (using some


2014-10-20 23:52 GMT+02:00 Walter Landry <wlandry at caltech.edu>:

> Hello,
> I am running a TAP service, and I want to store the full ADQL query in
> the resulting table.  What UCD should I use for that?  I could not
> find anything suitable in the UCD1+ list
>   http://www.ivoa.net/documents/REC/UCD/UCDlist-20070402.html
> Should I use something like meta.adql?
> Thanks,
> Walter Landry
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