TAP-1.1 Authenticated Endpoints

Molinaro, Marco marco.molinaro at inaf.it
Wed Nov 14 14:03:14 CET 2018

Dear DAL, GWS, Registry,

following the issues arisen during last summer about
the way to expose authenticated endpoint in the
VOSI capabilities document for TAP-1.1, a splinter
session discussion took place among interested
parties at the recent College Park Interop.

(I set up a wiki topic to summarize the chronology
that brought there; you can find it at this link:
and I also linked it into the TAP-1.1 RFC page
that contains itself discussion on the topic.)

The outcome of the discussion was a decision to
revert the way authenticated endpoints are annotated
to the previous solution that saw specific standardId(s)
for the sync and async endpoints, namely


This decision means also that we no longer need UWSRegExt
(which means this Note will therefore be abandoned).

This agreement, while not being perfect, is considered
to be the only feasible solution within the current scenario,
along the lines of other recommendations like VOSpace
and SODA.

A future solution will take into account the concerns
arisen during the discussions (email and face-to-face
ones), but it requires more thoughts and possibly a
major revision in VOResource and, subsequently, the

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