TAP-1.1, Section 2.7.2 - QUERY

Dave Morris dave.morris at metagrid.co.uk
Thu Sep 14 12:34:15 CEST 2017

Hi Pat,

Section 2.7.2 - QUERY

The first paragraph describes the QUERY parameter and what it means.

The three paragraphs after that, from "Within the ADQL query .." onward, 
list some rules about how services should treat timestamp, geometric 
types and the coordinate system argument to geometric functions.

If these belong anywhere in TAP, should they be in section 1.2.5 on ADQL 
queries? However it might be better to handle these details about ADQL 
queries in the ADQL specification itself. Could we replace the three 
paragraphs with a generic 'Please refer to the ADQL specification for 
further details about ADQL queries'


Dave Morris
Research Software Engineer
Wide Field Astronomy Unit
Institute for Astronomy
University of Edinburgh

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